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Moving Woes: Protecting Your Home, Wherever it Goes

Moving is stressful. This is true whether you are moving your college student into their dorm room, or moving your whole family to a new home. Don’t increase your stress by leaving the care of your possession to chance. Here are some things you should know about your belongings during the moving process, and your […]

Going on Vacation? Should You Purchase Rental Car Coverage?

“Would you like to purchase the additional insurance for your vehicle?” Even the most knowledgeable insured has been thrown by this question, so here is a quick refresher course. The basic truth is that your personal insurance coverage extends to a rental in most situations when you are renting in the United States, Canada or […]

Throw a Worry Free Party : Know Your Liability Risks

  The holiday season is upon us, which means holiday parties are in full swing. Holiday parties are a great way for friends, co-workers and family members to gather and celebrate the season and the year’s accomplishments, but can bring with them potential liability woes. Whether you are planning a work party, a family gathering […]

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Breaking out your warm weather toys.

Spring is in the air. Well maybe not, after all it did snow this morning and this past weekend, but spring is on the calendar so it’s a start. If you are like most people, you are chomping at the bit to put this winter behind you. Put away the shovels and mittens, pull out […]

Accident Forgiveness: Could it be saving you money?

    Alexander Pope once said to err is human: to forgive, divine. When it comes to insurance companies and accident forgiveness, I’m not sure we would go that far, but for some, it might be an inspired idea. We’ve all seen the commercials about an insured whose first accident resulted in a premium hike, […]