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Real ID: What You Need to Do to Update Your License

Many of you are aware that Massachusetts is slowly implementing a real ID system through the Registry of motor vehicles. This will affect new and old drivers alike. In order to help make the transition smoother the registry has provided a list of documents needed to obtain your Real Id. The first time you get […]

Scam Alert: How to Spot a Phone Call Scam and When to Hang Up

Most of us have gotten a scam phone call at one time or another. Some calls are easy to identify, you entered a contest you never heard about and won a prize that’s too good to be true. Scam. Other calls may not be as easy to identify. The person on the phone is calling […]

Don’t let this winter cost you an arm and a leg! Tips for keeping energy costs down this winter.

    We’re New Englanders, we pride ourselves on many things, including our toughness in dealing with cold New England winters. In fact, many of us consider it a badge of honor to wait as long as we can before turning the heat on. Regardless of when you turn the heat on, the weather is […]

Easy Insurance Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

Are you one of the 45% of Americans who make New Years Resolutions? If you are one of the 73% percent of those people who give up on their resolution before meeting your goal we’ve got good news for you. Here are 3 simple, easily obtainable resolutions you can make right now to make 2016 […]

Cyber Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Off the Naughty List

  If you’re a parent this Christmas chances are your children have asked Santa for some type of technology, whether it be an iPad, a new phone or other online device. Maybe your house is full of these items already. One thing is for sure, it’s getting easier and easier for kids (and adults) to […]

Back to School Safety Tips

  Even though it seems like the summer just started it’s back to school time again which means more traffic during the mornings and afternoons, more buses and car pooling kids. Here are some quick tips for you (and your children) on how to stay safe if they ride the bus or walk to school. […]

Invasion of the … Plants?! Invasive Plants to Avoid Planting this Spring

  Spring is here, and with it comes weekends full of outdoor activities, gardening, sports and cookouts with friends and family. If you are like me, after a winter like this one, you’ve been eager to get outside and enjoy your freshly emerging yard. My husband and I purchased our house last spring, but with […]

Owning a Business in a Digital Age: Surviving and Thriving with Online Reviews

  If you are a tech savvy consumer, you may have heard of Yelp. Yelp is a website network where people can go to give reviews on local business. Restaurants are the most commonly reviewed businesses, but people can review service providers like plumbers, electricians, hair salons and insurance agencies. For many small business owners, […]
Keeping Your Old Car Young: Tips for Cars 10 Years and Older

Keeping Your Old Car Young: Tips for Cars 10 Years and Older

We spent numerous hours driving:  to and from work, bringing the kids to school, going to the supermarket, gym and even vacations. As Americans, we depend heavily on our cars.  Maybe to your surprise, we take equal amounts of time caring for our cars as we do driving. Thanks to an motor vehicle industry built […]