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Lawn Mower Safety: Keeping the Mundane in Your Maintenance

  Every weekend in yards all around you can hear the sounds of lawnmowers and smell the fresh cut grass. While in many ways lawn mowing is one of the most mundane and normal of summer activities, it is a potentially dangerous one as well. Every year approximately 75,000 people go to the emergency room […]
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The Small But Mighty, Rental Car Coverage

  When it comes to auto policies, rental coverage is a small, often overlooked item usually costing less than $75 a year. You can be the best driver and still get in an accident that isn’t your fault, or even be hit in a parking lot when you aren’t even driving at all. In both […]
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All About The Studs: Navigating the Personal Condo Policy

  Condos and Townhouses are the conundrum of the housing world. They are individually owed, so they aren’t apartments, but they are different from free standing homes as well. Condos and townhouses come in all shaped and sizes. Similarly, Condo insurance policies can vary from community to community because they are written around the specific […]